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It’s time to fire up the Orange Rhyme blog. The plan is to create something useful for you, me and our businesses that’s insightful and action-provoking with a splash of fun. I’ll reflect on my own experience in marketing, advertising and promotion, extract knowledge from accomplished experts, report news and relevant trends, learn from discussions with readers, and share everything right here in pursuit of my own goals and aspirations. One of those goals is to see you use this blog to realize your vision, help you enjoy the taste of success and sweet smell of victory, hear you unleash a celebratory “Huzzah!”, and feel the heat from all of the sparks of creative energy spewing out of your brain as a result of reading it. Is that too much to ask?

You can expect a mix of marketing, creativity, advertising, sales, innovation, branding, domain names, motivation, design and inspiration themed posts. There will be ideas, strategies, tips, tricks, tactics. statistics, examples, and whatchamacallits of information delivered in the form of stories, studies, art, images, videos, audio, reviews, comics, slideshows, summaries and infographics. Format and frequency are flexible. Multitudinous trial, error, and adjustment is inevitable. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged via comment below each post or through email, and your input is very much appreciated. That’s more than enough tell. It’s time to get on with the show. Allons-y!


photo: orsorama via cc